Cinemaniac 2014


Dalibor Barić, Michel Klöfkorn, Antun Motika, Ana Petrović, Marko Tadić, Boško Tokin

MMC Luka, 20/07/2014 – 10/08/2014

Cinemaniac pozivnica prednja 2014

The exhibition Paper Movies represents a fragmentary trajectory of ‘paper movies’ through collage, sketch, found footage, video, animation and photography as part of a film experiment, an experiment ‘with film and around film’, space where boundaries of a medium are explored. The visual production of “works on paper” (and film works with paper) is an artistic practice that enables artists to experiment with film, while at the same time affirming a new, almost marginal artistic area stressing its research potential. The exhibition aims at pointing at the continuity of a form of film thinking which leans on the experience of historical avant-gardes, research practices of conceptual art, history, archive, recollections, in the context of the digital flow of images. Beyond the normative film production technology, they use various research approaches, modest cheap means, economical expression, notes, scribbles, and by means of other media – text, collage, photographs, videos, they refer to the world of film, film culture and film language.

By shifting the interest from the commercial, industrial film apparatus, the contemporary practice of film production points to the place of film experience drawing its continuity  from experiment, historical avant-gardes, neo-avant-garde, history, archives, memories, re-contextualization… in the context of a new digital flow of images, video, text. It speaks of the potential of film as a resource for its dispersion in media formats today opening up new horizons for artistic interventions.

Curator: Branka Benčić