Cinemaniac 2013


Cameron Gainer / Ellie Krakow / Vladislav Knežević / David Maljković / Dalibor Martinis / Mario Pfeifer / Sarah Wood

MMC Luka, 21/07/2013 – 06/08/2013

plakat_misliti film 2013


2013 exhibition project THINK FILM builds up on the idea of film/cinema as a complex and developed system of representation that questions the ways by which dominant paradigms are shaping the world and the view, re-working it’s codes and conventions, formative structures, historical narratives, tensions of time and space.

The exhibition rethinks film and cinema as complex cultural forms, critical methodology and social, ideological and technological apparatus. It presents works by artists that critically engage with the idea of film to reflect on different cultural, political, social and ideological realities by works that form relationships to the idea of cinema as social technology and cultural interface.

Works in the exhibition represent how contemporary art practices are informed by ways of cinema. Practices that engage with rearrangement of the archive underscoring the importance of the relationship with the past and rereading it.  What different artistic positions have in common is the legacy of cinema, a “cinematic way of thinking” as the mental process shaped by cinema – conceptually, institutionally and ideologically.

Curator: Branka Benčić