Cinemaniac 2012

SLOBODAN ŠIJAN: Film Leaflet and Selected Works

MMC Luka

Filmski letak pozivnica 2012

The visual production of “works on paper”, such as the Film Leaflet by Slobodan Šijan represents an art form where artists experiment with a cinematic manner of thinking and a wish to cover the fragmentary world of cinematic effects, notes and images. These are nonconventional works, intertextual in their nature, which, being departed from standard cinematic technology, and taking different research approaches, by means of different media, such as text, collage, photography and video, refer to the world of film, cinematic culture and language.

In the art of the avant-garde and the neo-avant-garde, “film by other means” represents the deconstruction of integral elements of film which become an independent area of film expression (photography, film strip, editing, screening).

The intention was to acquaint a wide audience with the experimental cinematic practice by Slobodan Šijan as well as with his vision of film and critical practice in his art. Šijan was a frequent and important guest of the Pula Film Festival during the eighties and he received several awards for his work on feature-length films at this festival.

The curators of the exhibition SLOBODAN ŠIJAN: Film Leaflet and Selected Works are Branka Benčić (independent curator, Pula/Zagreb) and Aleksandra Sekulić (CZKD, Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade).

Curated by Branka Benčić and Aleksandra Sekulić