Cinemaniac 2011

CINEMANIAC X  – 10 years, looking back

MMC Luka


CINEMANIAC X, is a small, dynamic “retrospective” representing a dedication to cinema – through a selection of works shaped around cinema references, cinema as part of the popular culture, and besides artworks it is including diverse documentation material.

Today, the space between visual arts and traditional cinematography is so saturated with crossovers and hybrid genres that it is impossible to discern clear boundaries between them. While some artists work with existing material through appropriation (found footage / used as cinema ready-made), others research the endless possibilities of film and installation, coping with codes and structures of the media (its narrative, dramaturgical and editing structure…) and showing such works before all in galleries. In the context of such artistic practices, modern art seems to become a parallel history as well as the future of moving images, and the space in which to research the possibilities, boundaries and dispositions of film images as well as new cinematographic forms.

Curated by Branka Benčić