International Symposium: Museums of Film – Film in the Museum (MFFM)

organised by the Museum Documentation Centre
November 5 – November 6, 2015
venue Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Although at the current moment we can monitor the activities of numerous establishments, associations and festivals in Croatia that have not only managed to preserve more than a century’s worth of the national film heritage but are even today taking part in the active creation and preservation of the film medium, the idea of founding a film museum in the country exists only as a pious wish of museum and film professionals and people who are passionately in love with the film.  And at the same time we are witness to the quiet and almost invisible but in fact alarming process of the disappearance of the material cinematographic heritage, in addition to the unsatisfactory presentation of objects related to the film and the insufficient popularisation of stories about films and people who make them.
The extent to which a possible film museum might become a generator of rather more dynamic initiatives attending in a more focused way to these problems, or whether solutions might be found in the context of some other possibilities, are some of the unsettled questions that might be answered by the film theorists, historians artists and film industry professionals, curators, archivists and conservators who will meet at an international symposium in November 2015.
Branka Benčić is presenting the lecture “KINO UMJETNIKA / ARTISTS’ CINEMA: contemporary art and film”