New Narratives: Recent production of artist film in Croatia

20/07/2014 – 26/07/2014

galerija Aneks, MMC LUKA
kino Valli

Igor Grubić, Ana Hušman, Zlatko Kopljar, David Maljković, Damir Očko, Dan Oki, Renata Poljak
Curator: Branka Benčić

The Artists’ Cinema screening programme represents works created in the sphere where contemporary art and film meet, films made by artists, recent audio-visual production, placed in context and presented in museum and gallery exhibitions and showcased at cinemas and festivals. Tackling the relationship between film and visual arts, the programme transposes the production of cinematic forms that absorb the traditions of short, feature-length, experimental, avant-garde or documentary film, and video art, performances and multimedia installations into a hybrid medium, shifting in terms of categories, a tricky area of moving images that does not offer fix definitions. The programme comprises the sections New Narratives, Paper Movies and New Narratives 2 – Experiments with the Documentary and it presents the works by Damir Očka, Igor Grubić, Renata Poljak, Ana Hušman, Zlatko Kopljara, Dan Oki and others.
The screening is based on the program Kino umjetnika – screening program series taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Curated by Branka Benčić and organized by Tihomir Milovac.