Tomislav Gotovac / Mio Vesović, Sanja Iveković, Bojan Jovanović, Apsolutno, Ivan Faktor, Dalibor Martinis, Studio Imitacija Života (Darko Fritz, Željko Serdarević), Zank/Borghesia, Dejan Vlaisavljević NIKT, Zhel (Željko Vukičević), TV Galerija, Low-Fi Video

Curated by: Branka Benčić and Aleksandra Sekulić


Salon MSUB, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, exhibition (2013)

MSU Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, conference and screening program (2014)

Anticipation is a build-in perspective, which we intend to reveal by a certain epistemology of forgetting, or evoking the (pre)sense of future of art and media as a horizon of video as a practice in its initial exploring and agonistic relations to television.  In the entire cultural space of former Yugoslavia we can recognize continuity and anticipation in regarding the film production of cinema clubs and pioneering work with video art. Soon television is becoming a point of reference and field of research as well as the artistic influence on the formation of specific aesthetics. This exhibition connects works from several decades: from the struggle in broadening the space of artistic interventions, using media ‘space of flows’, through the radical practices in Yugoslav cine-amateurism and alternative culture of the 1980s; experiments within the television program and appropriation of the media images; to the creation of the self-organized media spaces sustained by the video as the media of new microcinema communities. At the same time as the television has shaped the specific aesthetics, art is shaped by television, and the works of artists presented at the exhibition are questioning the cultural impact of television and its authority. Artists have destabilized the codes and conventions such as watching television, tv set as an object in the fiels of installation and sculpture, and questioning the passive attitude of observers as well as ways of cultural production and consumption. Making an overview of a history of freedom, as it was claimed by the practices of video, we are in process of getting back its future, and revealing the potential which is now accessible, and in its course, anticipated.

Projects, discussions, presentations: DIVA Station (SCCA, Ljubljana: Barbara Borčić), Dalibor Martinis talks to Dalibor Martinis;The Futurists (Zavod Zank: Neven Korda), Technology to the People! (MSUV, Novi Sad: Gordana Nikolić), Macedonian Video Art 1985-2005 (Evgenija Teodosievska),